Adam C. Trapp

Ph.D. Astronomy and Astrophysics, UCLA

Last Updated: June, 2022

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Personal Information

  • University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Physics & Astronomy

  • Los Angeles, CA 90095-1562

  • EMAIL: atrapp (at) astro (dot) ucla (dot) edu

Research Interests

I study the formation and growth of the first galaxies. Galaxies at such early times are compact, chaotic systems of burgeoning star formation and extreme energy events, rendering them almost unrecognizable when compared to local galaxies. However, intense objects like these somehow grew into the ordered spirals and quiescent ellipticals we see today, and along the way, ionized the Universe. I work at the connection between models and observations. Specifically, I make predictions for next-generation observatories and develop tools to aid and inform data analysis, paying special attention to the complex underlying web of dark matter (see background, image credit: Volker Springel et al., Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics).


Ph.D. in ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS - University of California, Los Angeles

Advisor: Prof. Steven R. Furlanetto

June 2022

M.S. in ASTRONOMY - University of California, Los Angeles

June 2018

B.A. in PHYSICS & ASTRONOMY - University of Virginia

May 2016


A.C. Trapp, Steven R. Furlanetto, Jinghong Yang 2022, 2022MNRAS.510.4844T, A Framework for Simultaneously Measuring Field Densities and the High-z Luminosity Function

Holly M. Christenson, George D. Becker, Steven R. Furlanetto, Frederick B. Davies, Matthew A. Malkan, Yongda Zhu, Elisa Boera, Adam Trapp 2021, arXiv:2109.13170, Constraints on the End of Reionization from the Density Fields Surrounding Two Highly Opaque Quasar Sightlines

V. Dike, M. R. Morris, R. M. Rich, M. O. Lewis, L. H. Quiroga-Nuñez, M. C. Stroh, A.C. Trapp, M. J. Claussen 2021, 2021AJ....161..111D, Ground Vibrational State SiO Emission in the VLA BAaDE Survey

A.C. Trapp & Steven R. Furlanetto 2020, 2020MNRAS.499.2401T, A Flexible Analytic Model of Cosmic Variance in the First Billion Years

Pallavi Patil, Kristina Nyland, Mark Whittle, Carol Lonsdale, Mark Lacy, Colin Lons-dale, Dipanjan Mukherjee, A.C. Trapp, Amy E. Kimball, Lauranne Lanz, BelindaJ. Wilkes, Andrew Blain, Jeremy J. Harwood, Andreas Efstathiou, Catherine Vlahakis 2020, 2020ApJ...896...18P, High-resolution VLA Imaging of Obscured Quasars: YoungRadio Jets Caught in a Dense ISM

A.C. Trapp, James Larkin, Ken Magnone, Timothee Greffe, Tim Hardy, Jennifer Dunn, Eric Chisholm, Chris Johnson, Ryuji Suzuki 2018, 2018SPIE10702E..A1T, The infraredimaging spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: electronics-cable architecture

A.C. Trapp, R. M. Rich, M. R. Morris, L. O. Sjouwerman, Y. M. Pihlstrom, M. Claussen,M. C. Stroh 2018, 2018ApJ...861...75T, SiO Masers in the Galactic Bulge and Disk:Kinematics from the BAaDE Survey

Developed Software


A user-friendly pip-installable Python package that provides predictions of cosmic variance for the high-z galaxy UV luminosity function (UVLF)

Chart displaying sky conditions for the Santa Monica, CA region